Sonny Hayes's deep desire to worship and seek the heart of God has lead to him being described as a modern-day David. This musical style that can be described as contemporary/country gospel is what we have come to expect from Sonny currently, but let's take a little journey back to where it all started. Sonny Hayes, was born in Louisville, Kentucky in August 1981, but was raised in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, in the small town of Barbourville, Kentucky. This location is important to know and understand the musical style of this modern country gospel artist. Eastern Kentucky is the home of many loved artists such as: Steven Curtis Chapman, Billy Ray Cyrus, Naomi and Wynonna Judd, Brian Littrell, John Michael Montgomery, Loretta Lynn and many more from various genres and styles of music. Sonny was raised in church, and received salvation at the age of 9 and he began playing piano, bass guitar and drums at an early age as well. During Sonny's teenage years, he experienced a great struggle between God’s will and the resistance of Satan. While growing up in church laid the foundation for what was to come, like most teenagers, Sonny was led astray by the appeals of the world. However, it didn't take long before the Spirit of God began to pull him, (in his own words) "like metal drawn to a magnet." Once Sonny had given his life back to Christ, his heart's desire was to preach. However, God had other plans for Sonny. Lying in his bed one night God began to speak and told him to minister music. Sonny was excited since he assumed God told him to play instruments and that was something he was already good at, but when he talked to his pastor, he was told that his message was actually that he was called to sing. Although he couldn't carry a tune, the pastor put him in the pulpit to sing. All at once, as the whole church cried, the Spirit was upon him and out belted the beautiful voice you hear today. He received many powerful prophecies by the old sanctified saints in their little, poor, country church and by pastor Rod Parsley and pastor Tommy Bates, and several other great men of God including “You will preach and sing in many nations,” “Your voice will be heard around the world,” and “The anointing of David will be upon you, to cause my people to worship." After many nights of wondering and replaying these prophecies in his head, Sonny prayed a simple prayer that totally transformed his life. “Lord, other people say You want me and You want to use me, but I want to know what You want. Do You really want me?” Those were the last thoughts that Sonny remembers about that night. From that night forward, Sonny says, “I caught on fire!”After starting his ministry "Sonny Hayes Music" in 2002, Sonny has been traveling full-time nationally leading worship in churches and at conferences Since 2004. Sonny's ministry began in the humble surroundings of a little country church and over the years has expanded worldwide. Sonny has witnessed many lives changed through gospel music. He is admired by his fans wherever he goes with his desire is to be a blessing, and minister, while delivering a song. His greatest moments are when something he has sung has truly touched someone’s life. Sonny has a unique calling and gift of God to bridge the gap of separation between “that which was” and “that which is” in the full-gospel movement. God uses him mightily to sing a contemporary/country message with the “old time” anointing. His ministry has no social, gender, racial, or generational barriers. All who come are blessed, and his ministry becomes “bread to the eater and seed to the sower.” Sonny's music has touched the lives and hearts of many people through-out the US and other nations. His voice has echoed in churches great and small. This goes to show that not all talents are practiced or learned, sometimes true talent is God-given. Anyone who has ever heard him sing would bear witness, his Gospel roots run deep.
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